Strategy Consulting

Over these years, we have worked across sectors, industries, regions and countries with clients of different sizes. It is very clear that these are times of unstable economic conditions, strategic shocks, and information overload. The need for clarity, pace and execution is crucial.

Our learning is that whether you are big or medium or small; whether profit making or not, ultimately, you truly want to deliver extraordinary performance.

Strategic Planning

We work with organizations to set the strategic direction of the organization and we do this by connecting individual employees and teams to an aspirational vision for the organization. In this way, we ensure your organization is aligned behind a common strategic direction.

We do this through workshops with the client’s leadership, going deep into the current external environment situation, competitive space and internal ambitions and create a simple and clear three to five-year vision. Together, we then translate the vision into action.

Strategy execution

This is about aligning the company behind mission critical actions; focusing the organization on critical operational objectives. We ensure that these are cascaded throughout the organization so everyone is clear on their role in the plan.        

We do this through strategic alignment sessions with core teams to establish prioritized action plans and allocate resources needed for success. The sessions align individual objectives to the overall company annual plan and long-term vision. Business reviews are conducted in regular intervals, providing discipline for teams to truly adopt the strategy execution rhythm and achieve their targets throughout the fiscal year.

We install a Performance Dashboard which is a state-of-the-art accountability and performance measurement tool to monitor the progress of individuals and the company towards successful execution of the strategy.

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