Welcome to Corporate Moves Africa

We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their most important ambitions at both an organizational and personal level. To this end, we make it possible for our clients to develop and execute on ambitious, but achievable plans and help them find and onboard the best talent; individuals who will make it possible for the organization to execute on its strategy. At the same time, we help great talent find the best opportunities, the best organizations in which they can fully thrive and because we do all this, corporate Africa moves.

Our Goals

Corporate Moves Africa is an exceptional talent and strategy consulting firm that supports companies achieve their goals by working with them on development and execution of their strategy and ensuring they have the right talent to deliver that strategy.


Being in the forefront of talent consulting, we are uniquely placed to help senior executives further their career ambitions by providing market insights and career advice and then connecting you with potential prospects. Our clients are always on the hunt for exceptional talent and we welcome the opportunity to connect with executives who have what it takes to deliver exceptional results.

Why Us

The Corporate Moves Africa team is made of highly experienced consultants having worked in various different industries and sectors in Kenya, East Africa and beyond. Our consultants are well versed with a wide variety of sectors and therefore have an astute understanding of the business environment in the region and this enables us support our clients in a way that ensures success in each assignment we undertake. We believe in our clients’ success and this is our driving force.

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